Cancer Is Some Expensive Shit

I know I have hinted around here and there about the expenses that I have had to pay this past year for my treatment.  I know I have mentioned that I hit my out of pocket maximum for the 2nd year in a row for our health insurance (two years ago was due to a knee surgery).

But here’s some figures to ponder (these are the charges from the physician – I actually paid $3,000 out of pocket for doctor care last year – my out of pocket max – prescriptions not included):

Cost of my diagnosis – Well, that would include the trip to the rheumatologist who sent me for my spinal MRI, plus the cost of the unnecessary physical therapy, two trips to my gyno, two vaginal ultrasounds, the entire month of mystery disease testing – approximately $5,000.

The Pelvic MRI that sent me on my sprint to the gynecologicial oncologist – approximately $800.

The initial appointment with the gyn-onc – including the every so fun endometrial biopsy (initial diagnosis was hyperplasia) $1500.

Pre-surgical testing – $200

Radical Hysterectomy with a 3 day hospital stay (including surgeon and anesthesiologist fees) – $36,000.  YIKES

Three chemotherapy treatments at $800 each – $2,400.

Nine blood work sessions – $300

Post-surgical CT scan – $750

Consult appointment with Radiation Oncologist – $150

25 sessions of external beam radiation – (hold on to your shorts) – $40,108.

2nd CT Scan – $750.

I still don’t know what my charges for the brachytherapy will be – haven’t gotten my EOB.   I do know that I still have three more chemos and bloodwork to go.

Grand total for 2012 – $88,108 (before insurance).

My cost – $3,000 (plus meds which are billed to my prescription plan – separate from med insurance).

My insurance is great (clearly).  We have a $500 per person deductable, and then once that is done, we have a 90/10 co-insurance (meaning they pay 90%).  When I hit $3,000 (per person) out of pocket, I am not billed for anything else. 

In addition, Bob and I use a Flexible spending account through work – pre-tax dollars are put into an account at the beginning of the year, so I never miss it from my paycheck.  They give me a debit card, which I use to pay those expenses.  This year I elected to put $2,000 in the account.  I know I will have chemo and at least two CT scans this year, plus a colonoscopy.  Believe me, it helps mightily when trying to figure out where income will come from for medical expenses.

Here’s to hoping 2013 is medically cheaper for me.


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