Clean as a Whistle – Not that I’d Recommend Putting Your Lips There

So, part of the Brachytherpy is doing a clean out on the day prior. It ensures that my bowels don’t get radiated in the process. I can go with that. Don’t radiate anything you don’t have to.

Sadly, it also means that when you have 3 appointments in 7 days, you also have to fast 3 out of 7 days.

I am, shall we say, “HONGRY.”

I’m sick of jello.

I hate jello.

I’m tired of juice.

I’ve been drinking coffee, but I usually load it up with half and half, and can’t today.

I want a cheeseburger.

And because I want to fricking chew something, I’m grumpy.

At least this is the last one. I’m hoping to be able to bow out of a colonoscopy this year because of all the radiation and chemo I’ve already endured.

I may never be able to choke down another bottle of cherry flavored magnesium citrate (I bought the flavored by accident). And we won’t discuss the whole enima procedure.

Last HDR (High Dose Radiation) is scheduled for tomorrow. Then I get to ring the bell. Oh, and I also get a vaginal dialator. I’m intrigued. I’ve also been told to have regular sexins. Yeah, not in the mood.

I start my final three rounds of chemo in a week and three days.

Almost there.

And really cleaned out.

Freaking jello.

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