Brachytherapy or High Dose Radiation

Yesterday was a long long day. We got to the hospital nearly an hour early because we weren’t sure what traffic was going to be like, so I had to wait an hour before Laura even called me back. Then, once I was back and changed, I had to wait again. I met yet another resident (Dr. Engleman – who is also 12 years old I think) and he went over the procedure. He made it sound like some kind of weird horror film. Then Dr. Sharma came in and went over it again.

I was taken back to the CT room and laid on the table. They inserted a catheter (ouch) and then they went about inserting the radiation delivery devise. Awkward! Once it was in, they had to put on a jock strap to keep it in place, and I was not allowed to move until I was done with treatment. They did the scan, made an adjustment, and then I was transferred on a gurney to the nurses station to wait until they had my mapping done – probably about an hour or so? I had brought a book along, so it wasn’t so bad. Everyone, however, was amused at my book – Jonathan Kellerman’s Dr. Death. Hehehe.

Finally they took me back to the radiation room and got me lined up. At this point, I had a headache from laying on my back so long and my legs hurt from not being able to move them. I had no idea how long I had really been back there. About 10 minutes later, Dr. Chen (they physicyst) came in to scan me and make sure I wasn’t already radioactive (huh?) and they got around to it. They hooked up the device, and the treatment itself took less than 10 minutes. I was finally allowed to get up and move.

We ended up leaving at 1pm. Which means I was back there 4.5 hours. And I paid for it. I had a migraine, and I am getting a cold, so I was a miserable bitch by the time we got home. I curled up on the bed and went to sleep until 5pm. Then I got up, forced down some dinner, and was back in bed by 6:30. They assure me the next one won’t take as long – no mapping. I hope not.

But one down, two to go. And then three more chemo. Thank heaven’s I’m nearly done with this shit.


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