Six Treatments Left

I hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful holiday yesterday.  Ours was quiet and pleasant and relaxing and I enjoyed spending the day with my Mom.  I did feel some guilt every time someone referred to my cancer and preceded it by “It doesn’t matter what you got me for Christmas this year, as long as you are still here.”  Sigh.

Today I begin prep for tomorrow’s brachytherapy, otherwise known as internal radiation.  I have one session tomorrow, one New Year’s, and the final one will be on the 3rd.  I have been assured that the treatment isn’t as bad as the prep.  It’s the same prep that you take for a colonoscopy, so in about 10 minutes, I have to choke down my first dose of Magnesium Citrate.  The worst part (other than that) will be the liquid diet today, and the note being able to move for up to four hours while they administer treatments.

After I complete this internal radiation, I begin my final three rounds of chemo on January 14th.  Just as my hair is finally starting to come back in nicely, it will be probably falling out again.  Winter in the mid-atlantic is not a time to have no hair.  Sigh.

I want to be at the end of this treatment, and I really want to put this behind me and get to the  business of maintaining a cancer free life.

And I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I just hope it isn’t an on-coming train.


One thought on “Six Treatments Left

  1. I had brachytherapy for my prostate cancer. It was a piece of cake. I think the reason for that is the radiation wasn’t going all the way through me as it has to for external beam radiation. It was a lot more focused and so less of me was irradiated meaning far less fatigue and other side effects.

    Sorry to hear about your XMas gift experiences. It amazing how folks who genuinely mean well can totally screw up their own best intentions. Next year give ’em a bag of coal. Then they can really say that and it will fit. Sorry, couldn’t resist, just that nasty little gremlin in me coming out.

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