Let’s Lighten This Place Up A Bit, Shall We?

I’m tired of talking about cancer.  LOL… Yeah, I know, Cancer Blog…blah blah blah

But let’s focus a bit on the good things that are coming up….

First, Bob and I decided a while ago that once all these nasty treatments are done, we are going to take a nice vacation to celebrate – just the two of us.  We take a trip every year to Colorado, so that doesn’t count.  Even though Bob is still among the ranks of the “unemployed” I have now gotten my debt paid off enough that I can (*gasp*) actually put some money away each month.  And with this money, we are not only taking our annual Colorado trip (which was cancelled last year due to lack of funds) but we are also taking a “Fuck You Cancer” trip.

Where are we going?

Well, we debated.  We thought about a few places – Myrtle Beach, Tampa, Savannah (I STILL want to go to Savannah), and Miami.  We weight the pros and cons of each place (Bob has been to Myrtle Beach and Tampa, and I have been to Tampa and Miami) but since he really wanted to go to Little Cuba, and there is a big old beach in Miami (which is what I wanted), we are heading to Miami.  Probably in April.  YAYAYAYAYAYAY…gawd I love the beach.

So, I’ve been doing some research, and found that airline fair to Miami is hella expensive.  Oh yeah, expensive.  And driving takes two days, which would suck up the majority of our five day vacation.  So, I went to my favorite airline, Southwest.  Of course, they don’t fly into Miami, but they do fly into Ft. Lauderdale, which is a 45 minute drive from Miami.  And, $99 for a non-stop flight.  DING DING DING !!  I’ll be buying those tickets next week, when I get paid.

Now, I’m researching hotels.  I don’t want to stay in something really cheap, but I don’t want really expensive either.  We’ll see.  Just as long as I get a couple of days at the beach.

In other news, we are somewhat prepared for the holidays.  I have nearly finished shopping.  I need to get a couple more things for Bob, a bottle of hooch for my bro-in-law, and a toy for Miss Lanibelle.  I got her some clothes (I love buying little girl baby clothes) but want to get her a toy.  I also have to finish up a few projects that need loose ends weaved in, and I want to trade in my iTunes gift card that I got for Kelsi for something that doesn’t involve technology since she is once again ground this Christmas.  And I need to wrap.  Sigh.  I hate wrapping.  Thanks to Pinterest, however, I have managed use their idea of Spa Jars and translated that into Spa Bags, which I got for all the girls (except the littles).  I filled bags with lots of things to pamper themselves with – loofa sponges, tea, facial masks, creamy lotions, chocolate, etc.  And just about all the women in my immediate family have a Pandora bracelette now, so that made shopping very easy.  Plus, I got major Grammie points for purchasing “The Toy At The Top Of Braelyn’s List” this year.  I’m excited to give it to her.

Other good things – I made sausage cheese biscuits yesterday because they reminded me of my sissy Betsy.  I miss her so much during the holidays.  And I’ve made Chex Mix to remember my Granny.  Granny used to call it “Nuts and Bolts” because she always made it with the addition of cheerios and stick pretzles.

Oh, and I only have three more external radiation treatments left.  I find out about internal radiation this week.  I’ll have three of those, and then three more chemo.

And I had a good friend post this to my facebook wall yesterday, and it made me tear up.  What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger…


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