The Hits Just Keep On Coming

I had to go in this past Sunday for radiation because the radiation oncology department is closed for Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday this week for Turkey Day.  And I met with the doctor, again.  I had just met with him two days before.

This wasn’t my regular oncologist.  This one was just stepping in because mine wasn’t on duty until the afternoon.  But I had to discuss with him that I was having a lot (and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT) of bladder irritation.  I have to go all the freaking time, and then when I do go, it is a trickle.  Very frustrating to say the least.

So, first thing he says to me is, “Take Motrin.”

I can’t.  I have had gastric bypass.  Even small amounts of NSAIDs can cause the lining of my very small pouch to thin and I can get ulcers.

“Only for long term use.”

Um, no, even small doses cause the stomach lining to thin.

“Well, there isn’t anything else I can give you, so you should take the Motrin.”

Now I know for a fact that there are prescriptions he can give me.  I also know that if I had seen my regular radiation oncologist, I wouldn’t have had to go through all that because he already knows my surgical history.  I was frustrated and upset.  I’m drinking a ton of cranberry juice, and I called my bariatric surgeon’s office this morning (holy shit – my three year surgiversary passed last week and I totally missed it) and they approved 200mg of motrin twice a day – no more.  And if I get stomach distress, I’m to stop immediately.

But how can I tell if the stomach distress is from motrin or radiation?

And then I find out that my first internal radiation will be two days after Christmas. 

Sigh.  That means I’ll finish up internal radiation and chemo at the same time.  What I didn’t want to do.

I will have to do an all liquid diet the days before I have internal radiation, and do a bowel cleanse so they don’t radiate my bowels.  Which would suck.  Although the amount of gastro-intestinal distress I’m having now is bad enough.  Sigh.

I want this to be done now.  I’m trying so hard to be patient, but really, I’m tired of feeling like shit.

Come on March.


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