Re-Mapping and a WTF Moment in Time

When I went in on the 22nd for my last round of chemo, I also saw the radiation oncologist for my mapping.

Mapping for Radiation is a painless process, but you do have to have a CT Scan, which means drinking contrast.  Additionally, contrast is placed internally so the doctor can see where things end, to concentrate the radiation most effectively.

Yesterday, I got a call from my radiation oncologist’s office – he wasn’t happy with my pictures.  I guess my vagina wasn’t showing her “best side.”  LOL  So, now, we have to go back to Baltimore today to get “re-mapped.”

It also means that the stickers he placed on me last time will have to be moved.

I don’t mind the process, but I’ve drunk enough contrast this year that I’m amazed my veins don’t light up.  And the trip to Baltimore is tiring.  I’m used to being able to do it on the train (which I will be doing when I go back to work next week).  But, I’ll do just about anything at this point to claw my way to the point where I’m done treatments.

Also, Rednecks in Walmart make me L-O-L.

This morning, I had to go to Walmart to pick up the litter sifting bags that we use in the cat boxes.  They make clean up so much easier than scooping, and although I totally HATE Walmart, they are the only place in town (including the Tractor Supply Store) that carries these freaking liners.  So, off I went, early in the am, before Walmart gets cray-cray.  I get my liners, a box of carpet deodorizer (it’s only a buck at Walmart), a bag of onions (I forgot them yesterday at the store) and a box of Smart Ones breakfast sammies.  I get in line behind what can only be described as Redneck Santa and his CousinSisterWife because Walmart only has one open lane in the am and I refuse to use the self-check out.  This is the conversation that ensued:

REDNECK:  So, I betcha that haircut is nice and cool in the summer.  Ya got CANCER or sumpin?

Me:  Yes, I do.

REDNECK:  Where ya got it? …

Me:  Endometrial Cancer
Me:  No – it’s uterine cancer – in the womb.
REDNECK’S COUSINSISTERWIFE:  Ain’t your womb up the ass?
Me:  *blink*
REDNECK:  Are you going to die?
Me:  Not in the next 15 minutes.
Now, I fully realize that people are genuinely curious when a bald woman gets in line behind them at the Wally World.  And I don’t mind answering questions, although it’s not like I have cancer in a discrete area – I mean, there are only so many ways you can talk about the female parts without getting either graphic or gross.  I kind of figured however, that a woman might know where her uterus was.  Silly me.  I wasn’t offended or anything.  And they both told me they would keep me in their prayers.  I can take all of those I can get.

6 thoughts on “Re-Mapping and a WTF Moment in Time

    • *shudder*

      I really wanted to ask if she’d ever had a baby, but thought better. I realized half way through my thought, that I probably didn’t want to know. In their defense, they were genuinely curious, and told me they’d pray for me. I know they weren’t asking these things in a malicious way. I honestly was trying my hardest not to laugh through the whole thing. I just kept thinking, “OMG, am I going to end up on”

      Aberdeen has all kinds of people, but we have an exceedingly large bunch of the hillbilly redneck variety. Having grown up in Delaware, close to Philly, when I first moved here, all I could think of was, “Wow, I hear banjos everywhere I go.”

    • It was easy to tell they weren’t being malicious. They were genuinely curious. I honestly was having a very hard time not laughing. I mean, if you have seen the ads for the show Duck Dynasty, this is what the guy looked like. And his wife, or sister, or cousin, or all three, well whatever she was….she was just, well, special. What I loved was she was wearing overalls, a dirty smiley face t-shirt, and very shiney black patent leather flats. I just couldn’t take offense at that. 😉

  1. Bah hah, this made me laugh out loud! I’ve been reading all of your posts, I don’t have uterine cancer (I have ovarian), but it looks like I will be going through much of the same treatment and surgery as you. I’ve found reading your blog to be helpful.

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