So Much Going On

I feel as if it has been forever since I last updated, but it really was just the end of last week, wasn’t it?

This past Monday was chemo session number 2.  I wasn’t feeling as good as I was when I finished up chemo session #1, but it is what it is.  Yesterday was pretty crappy, and today is worse.  And to top it all off, I’m still fighting with stupid MetLife who doesn’t seem to understand that my doctor does not want me working UNTIL I’m done this round of chemo.  VERY frustrating to say the least.  Once again my claim has been suspended, even though I’ve done everything I was supposed to do.  And I’m afraid this morning I lost my shizzle when I was talking to my case manager, and cried and cussed.  This was the LAST thing I wanted to be doing today.

In other news, it has now been six weeks since my hysterectomy.  And I seem to have healed from that well.  I am still a bit sore in the lower abdomen in the evenings, but for the most part, I can resume all “normal” activity.  Normal, except for the whole chemo part.  I can now lift my kitty again!  And clean my own house.  I just don’t wanna.  Not right now.

I am still fighting the hot flashes and night sweats, which I hate.  HATE.  But I have (thanks to my Mom) discovered some wonderful products from Poise that make them a bit easier to deal with.  Poise now has Hot Flash roll-on and wipes to help when the hot flashes hit – you wipe either of them over your wrist, neck and chest and it cust the hot flash almost immediately.  Yay for that.  Doesn’t stop them from coming on, but does help to curb them.

The worst part of chemo has been the fact that it has made the hot flashes increase.

So, I have one more cycle of chemo for this go around, and then I’ll start my radiation therapy in November.  I’m ready to get this crap over with.


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