Feeling Good and Getting Things Done

I am preparing myself to do battle with Metlife again next week.  They’ve only approved my short-term disability through Monday, but I still have two more chemos before my doctor will let me go back to work.  Logic is apparently NOT a quality Met Life looks for when hiring case workers.  If they did, they would have seen on the first fax from my doctor that I was approved to go back until November.  Criminey.  And really, I’m sure the last thing I am going to want to do next week is fight with an idiot, but alas, it is how it will have to be.

In other news, I am getting stuff done today.  I paid bills this morning, 90% of which were medical bills.  My pelvic MRI was over $3,000.  Thank goodness I only had to pay $111 of it.  Phew.  I also got the EOB from my hospital stay (not the surgery, just the stay) – $16,000.  OY.  My responsibility is $1600.  Of which I will make payment arrangements.  Sigh.  Plus I just paid for the Echocardiogram from when they thought my “virus” was myocarditis.  Turns out it was cancer.  Sigh.  But we’re plugging away, and after all the bills were paid, I still have money for gas, groceries, and parking for my hospital visit Monday.

On tap today, groceries.  I want to put together a few casseroles for the next couple of weeks to throw in the freezer.  I’m thinking lasagna made with whole grain noodles, and maybe a tamale pie?  I don’t know.  We have meatballs in the freezer that I’m going to do on Sunday so we have them to eat next week as well.  I am also planning on packing our lunches for Monday.  The hospital bag lunch is fine for me (and free) but they don’t feed Bob and the hospital food is expensive (they are actual restaurants like Subway, Au Bon Pan, and Panera) but they charge twice as much because they can.  The cafeteria in the hospital leaves a lot to be desired.  Which leaves Bob with the option of the Great Cookie Company.  No.  He will not eat a chocolate chip cookie as big as his head for lunch.  Since we are allowed to bring food in, I’ll pack him a lunch.  Cheaper and not a cookie.

This weekend, I want to clean.  I can’t do it all myself yet, as I still haven’t been cleared from surgery to lift things or do anything strenuous, but I can do the bathroom and the kitchen, and do some dusting.  Bob will have to push the vacuum around for me.  And it needs it.  There’s enough extra pet hair on my floor to make a litter of kittehs and an extra dog.  YUCK

I am also planning on hemming some of Bob’s jeans that have been sitting around in the “mending” pile for a few months.  I did one pair the other day and have three left.  It has to get done, so might as well be this weekend.

I’m going to do some cooking, and some knitting.  I’m working on a beautiful vintage shawl pattern in a lovely hand dyed sock yarn.  I got the pattern from a kindle download and I love it.  I memorized the pattern already and don’t even have to think about it now.  Love patterns like that, and I can’t wait to wear it.

On Sunday, I am going to go up to Newark to go to church with my mom, and then we are going to our favorite post church breakfast place – Perkins.  They have the best damned coffee.  I love coffee.  LOVE COFFEE.  And I think I’ll treat myself to some corned beef hash.  Yum.  Eat while I still can.  🙂

Sunday afternoon, I’ll watch football, and get my stuff together for Monday.   Now that I have my Kindle Fire HD, I have a plan.  I have rented the Avengers on my Kindle.  I’ll download it Monday morning, so we can watch it while they are giving me my cocktail.  I am also reading the book War Brides which is totally not my style of book, but it is really good.  I have some others to read as well (well, a lot of others) and if I get bored with that, I’ll pick up some of my Jane Austin.  We watched Sense and Sensibility yesterday, and it makes me want to read the book again.  Darn that Willoughby – what an ass.

It is supposed to be a lovely fall weekend here.  Sunny and in the low 70s.  Bob has to play a pig roast tomorrow, so I will have some time to myself.  I’m going to put together some casseroles (as stated above) and take a bath, and knit and read.  A day just for me.

Because we all need a day just for ourselves.


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