Genetic Testing

I got the call yesterday that the results of my genetic testing were in.  Of course, everyone’s suspicions were confirmed.  I tested positive for Lynch Syndrome, the gene mutation that leads to an increased risk for colon cancer, endometrial cancer, and ovarian cancer.  Not a big shocker.    Essentially it means I will have to have annual colonoscopies instead of every three years, and I will continue an intimate relationship with my GYN oncologist.  I don’t have the female parts anymore, so that is less worry.  I have sent letters to my nieces and nephew to urge them to get tested.

In other news,chemo treatment again Monday.  Yay,only not.



One thought on “Genetic Testing

  1. We are here for you….a diagnosis is a gift. At first, it may be difficult to see, but after the feeling of being overwhelmed evaporates and a few annual surveillances, clarity allows us to realize we are the lucky ones…that our polyps and growths may be realized at a very early stage and removed or treated before becoming life threatening. Having living in a world of uncertainty, near certainties are realized…and life becomes far more rich and far more dear! Colors become brighter, nature is more beautiful and laughter comes easier…I love the fall too! Life is good!

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