I Love the Fall

The first day of Fall snuck in over the weekend, and unlike most years when it is still hot as balls around here in the fall, it has been deliciously chilly in the evenings and early mornings, and blissfully in the 70s in the afternoon, with lots and lots of gorgeous blue skies and sunshine.

I have been feeling great this week.  Which is awesome, because next week I have my 2nd infusion, and I’ll once again feel like hammered shit.

But I’m ENJOYING this week.  Yesterday was blood work day, and I have an appointment with my primary care in the afternoon.  That wonderful man gave me a script for ambien and I had the first decent night’s sleep since before surgery.  Yay!  He also gave me a new glucometer because he wants me to test twice a day while in treatment.  My HGBA1C is generally 5.9 since surgery, but my sugars have been a bit cray-cray since treatment, which was to be expected since I get some pretty heavy doses of steroids for chemo.

He was also concerned with my weight loss, but not overly concerned.  Told me to remember to stick to protein, fruits and vegs, and to add the starches at the end of a meal, especially if I found myself losing too much weight.  AAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHA…a former fatty has issue with losing too much weight.  Seriously, I’m still 40 pounds from my goal weight, so no one is sweating my weight loss too much, but they don’t want me to lose muscle mass or the ability to fight off infection.

So, along those lines, since it is FALL (ahem, as the title of this post states), I have been jumping into some fall cooking.  I’ve made chili (which tasted a bit off at first due to chemo, but is good now), and I’ve made some empanadas – two batches of pumpkin (one with pecans and one without) and a batch of apple.  I used the brown sugar splenda blend with only 2g of sugar per serving.  I think there is less than a serving per empanadas.  I have to avoid a lot of sugar anyway because of my bypass and the fact that I’m a dumper, but I’m also conscious of the fact that cancer LOVES sugar.  That’s what it grows on.  And we don’t want that nasty bastard to grow or come back.  I am not, however, giving up my few squares of lindt dark chocolate.  Less than 17g for 4 squares, and it’s helping me to stay sane.

I’ve also started making more food that we can actual cook in the oven.  In the summer, because the house is so small and it gets hot as balls around here and humid, we use the small convection oven or grill to keep the heat out to the house.  But I love to cook in the oven.  Tonight we are having enchiladas.  Oh dear lord we love enchiladas.  Beef and onion tonight. YUM.  I also want to bake some cookies for a friend since she has been such a support through this whole mess.  She owns a Mailboxes and More and I have to use her facilities today to fax my tuition reimbursement forms, so I want to take her some cookies as thanks.  I want to put together a few casseroles this week as well to throw int he freezer for the next few weeks.  I’m thinking a lasagna, or baked ziti?  I don’t know – tomato stuff tends to taste off during chemo, so we’ll see.

And pumpkin…oh pumpkin I love these.  I’ve been enjoying pumpkin spiced k-cups, and pumpkin spiced tea.  And ginger snaps.  YUM

I want to do a fall cleaning, but alas have not been cleared for strenuous activity.  Still no lifting of anything over 10 pounds.  No pushing the vacuum, mopping, etc.  But my house needs it.  So, time to bug Bob.  I bet there is enough dog and cat hair to make another dog and cat on my carpet.  Can’t stand it!!

That’s another thing I LOVE about the fall.  I love to cuddle up under blankets (for an hour at the time until the hot flashes start!) and snuggle a kitty.  Mattie loves to snuggle when it’s cold (not so much in the summer, but she is part Maine Coon) and the minute I’m in my sweats with a blankie, she’s right there in my lap.

My Floofy Queen Of the Snuggle

Toby is not a snuggler.  No thanks.  Dont touch me.  He’s Mr. Independent.  He’s also 27 pounds, so I couldn’t hold him in my lap anyway.

No snuggles. I will sit next to you, and you may pet me, but NO snuggles.

Mia loves the fall too – she love to run around outside when it is a bit cooler – Husky dogs hate heat – and play.  And lay next to Mama for a head rub.

S’up Mama?

The best part of fall and winter is all the knitting I will get to work on by the fire (which reminds me – I need to call the chimney sweep).  I plan on making most of my Christmas presents this year so I can avoid shopping in crowds of sick and germy people.

Fall is our anniversary – five years married this year (lord knows how long we’ve been together).  Fall is our birthdays – mine in September and his in October.

Best part of fall – I’m one more season closer to finishing treatment.

So, enjoy the crisp air, the turning leaves, fireplaces, sweat pants, bulky sweaters, snuggle socks.  Enjoy my friends.  🙂



3 thoughts on “I Love the Fall

  1. There’s nothing quite like the unconditional love of a dog. Everyone diagnosed with a potentially terminal illness should have a dog prescribed for them, paid for by insurance!

    • Agreed!! My pup is awesome (as are my kitties!) and have been awesome for my recovery from all my surgeries! I wish insurance paid for this one! Our “free” dog has cost us $1,000s thanks to her allergies, but she is worth every single penny!!

      • LOL! I’m pretty sure vets end up charging more per hour than MDs. What a great gig. No hassles getting payment from insurance companies and higher rates!

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