Four Weeks

Four weeks ago, my life turned on its head.

I went from having precancerous cells to Stage III 2E endometrial cancer in the space of three hours on 8/22.  I went to sleep thinking, “I’ll go home, recover from my hysterectomy, and then head back to work.”  I woke up with a cancer diagnosis.

I’ve learned a lot about myself in these four weeks.  I’ve learned a lot about my health, my genetic make up, Lynch Syndrome, and more than I ever wanted to know about cancer (and believe me, with two sisters affected, I already knew a lot).

I’ve learned that chemo sucks.  That the day of is great, but the 10 days that follow not only test your system, but they test your basic make up. I found out what I am made of.  I found out what I can handle.  I found out that when I dug deep down, I am tough as nails.

I found out in the past four weeks exactly how much my husband loves me.  And it is more than I ever ever ever thought.  My husband didn’t cry when we got married, but he’s cried more since my diagnosis than I’ve ever seen.

Four weeks.

28 days.

A lifetime of change.


2 thoughts on “Four Weeks

  1. It feels great to be tested and discovering that inner strength. All things considered, i’d still rather be in Philadelphia. Just the same..You’re doing great. Im so proud of you. Go girl.



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