Yippie Kai Yay M-fer…Kill Those Cancer Cells

First Cycle of Chemo began yesterday.  We documented the experience with pictures.

Here is my new BFF.

IV Drip is loaded up with paclitaxel – go boy!

My husband made sure my heros were assisting me in my fight.

Gooooo Iggles!

All hooked up and feeling ok.  The big issue I had was that the saline was flowing through me – potty once an hour.  Luckily we were right across from the bathroom.

Feeling ok!

I got this texted to me yesterday while I was hooked up from my step-daughter.  Grandbaby Lani.

Lani says, “Cancer is Yucky Grammies.”

So, I felt pretty good yesterday.  Mostly fatigue.  It was a long day.  We got there at 8:30.  My appointment with Dr. Rao was at 9 and he did an internal exam.  He also explained to me that he will handle all my gyn exams from now on, but he will send updates to Dr. Sommerville, my old gyn who was good enough and persistant enough to discover the issue.  He also explained that I’d have to continue to have my colo-rectal screenings as normal, so that’s on tap for next year.  I also told him I was set up for genetic testing next week.

They took me right over to infusion (with a quick stop along the way to set up my next chemo appointment).  They took me back, gave me my premeds (benedryl, more steroids, and zofran for nauseau).  That took half an hour or so.  Then, they hooked up the paclitaxel, which took four hours, and then the carboplatin which took half an hour.  Bob was able to stay with me the entire time – he went to Subway and got me some lunch.  I got a visit from Beth (the nurse practitioner) and Dr. Rao.  There only concern at this point is how much weight I’ve lost even before beginning chemo.  I’ve lost 15 pounds since surgery – so three weeks.  Chemo will cause more weight loss.  Next time they will probably have me speak to the nutritionist.  However, I am still 40 pounds away from my goal weight, and am eating protien and veggies to keep me strong.

I felt ok by the end of the day – mostly just tired.  Last night was bad – all the steroids lit up the hot flashes.  I started feeling pretty crappy last night.  Sleep was horrible due to the fact that I still had to pee once an hour and the stupid night sweats were horrible.

About 3am I was hit with nausea and chills.  I took one of my anti-nausea meds, and slept fitfully until 6:15 when I just got up.  I’m parked on the loveseat.  I’ve showered, got a protein shake, my pillow, blankie, laptop, Stephen King novel, and my tv.  I’m feeling like crap today.  Tomorrow they told me would be worse, as would Thursday.  So here I sit, killing cancer cells.  Which is what I’m focusing on.

Five more chemos to go.

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