Packing My Chemo Bag

So, does anyone really ever think that they will HAVE to get ready for a cycle of chemotherapy?

I know I didn’t, depsite the fact that the odds were stacked well against me.

Tomorrow I begin the first of three rounds of chemo.  And it’s going to be a long day.  Because the taxel tends to cause allergic reactions in some people, a drug that usually only takes 3 to 4 hours to give tomorrow will take the entire day.  They will give it to me slowly so that they will know if I have an allergic reaction to it.  So they told me to prepare to be there all day.

I learned my lesson from the last time we were at the hospital all day.  Tomorrow, I intend on dressing more warmly.  I am wearing jeans.  I’m also packing myself a little bag for the day.  The bag already contains a fleece Philadelphia Eagles blanket (freshly washed).  I will also take my wallet, our free food vouchers, parking voucher, a couple of books, and my find-a-words. And snacks – we’re taking snacks. I’m sure I’ll end up carrying Bob’s stuff as well because he refuses to bring a bag (“I’m a man, we don’t carry purses”).  I’m also taking a basin in the car “just in case” because we don’t know yet how well the anti-nausea meds will work.

Today, I am laying around and essentially doing nothing.  I have to pay some bills this morning, but that’s about it.  I really over did it the past few days and forgot that my body is still recovering from major surgery.  And last night I paid for it.  Pain, fatigue, blah.  No bueno.

So today, aside from paying bills, I’m going to just lay around.  I’m going to watch football, clip coupons, and rest.

Tonight I take five steriod pills, followed by five more tomorrow, to get my body ready for the chemo.

I wonder what I can take to get my mind ready?


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