Short Term

I am greatful beyond words to have a job that allows each calendar year for short-term disability.  And I’ve been with my company long enough that I get 13 weeks per year at 100% pay.  My short-term claim was submitted the Monday after my surgery.  The doctor submitted my paperwork on the 30th, stating that I would be undergoing chemo and radiation and that he wasn’t approving me to return to work until mid-November.

I got the notification today that my short-term has been approved.

Through September 18th.

UGH – anxiety.

I called and found out exactly what I had to do to make sure that my short-term would be properly extended.  I have to make sure they continue to submit all the paperwork from my appointments (including treatment plans and test results, and new doctor’s name and numbers) on time.  I’m just anxious about it.  I’ve had issues with short-term before and I can’t afford to miss a paycheck.

Bob yesterday said he was going to try to piece together some part-time work between DJ gigs.  I hope this works out.  I told him though to make sure that he would be available for when I needed him.  I hate doing that.  I hate it.  I just know I’m going to have to have someone to drive me to and from chemo.

In other news, I ordered another fedora last night and a couple of shirts and a pair of pj pants from Old Navy.  And I finally finally finally got a good night sleep last night.  We went to the grocery store this am, and I am wiped out now.  But feeling good enough to knit.

I have one shawl I’m finishing up, and then I’m going to knit myself a Piggy Hat for the winter.  🙂


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