Rough Night

Ding Dong.  Doom and Gloom Calling.

Last night was one of the worst since coming home from the hospital.  My stomach hurt around my incision (both inside and out) and I couldn’t get comfortable.  I tossed, I turned.  I squirmed.  I wiggled.  Then, when I did find a comfortable position, I’d be hit with either a hot flash or a night sweat that would wake me up all over again.

In desparation at 3am I took benedryl and slept until 7.

Bob is insisting I need to sleep today, but I don’t want to sleep all day and not be able to sleep tonight.

TV sucks.

I got spoiled after my gastric bypass surgery.  I was up and moving around like nothing happened after 7 days.  This is taking forever to feel better from.  And from everything I’ve read, I “knew” that, but hoped it wouldn’t be true for me.  They cut things.  They moved things.  They re-arranged organs.  I was out longer.  It was a larger incision.  Blah blah blah.  Fuggetaboudit – I wanna sleep.

And the hot flashes.  Holy hell the hot flashes.  They suck goat nuts.

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