The Plan

So, brief post yesterday about my follow up appointment with my GYN Oncologyst.  It was a real party in the room as my husband was there, as was Dr. Rao, Beth (the Nurse Practioner) and Dr. Spencer – the resident who assisted in my surgery.  My husband and I have both determined that you have to be young and gorgeous to work at UMM.  Dr. Spencer is hands down one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.

Anywho, the staples are out, and my incision is itchy.  I did finally get to sleep in my own bed last night and it was delicious.  I hadn’t been sleeping there because of the staples, but last night was great.  And even better, when I woke at 5:30am to take my meds, Boo Boo Kitty got up in bed with me for his morning snuggle.  Best kitty ever (next to his sissy Mattie – who does not snuggle in the presence of Bob).

Dr. Rao explained that my diagnosis is Endometrial Adenocarcinoa – Stage III (meaning it spread outside of the uterus into my lymphatic system) 2C (meaning it was deep into the muscle under the endometrium).  Scary.  He gave me a copy of my pathology report.  They removed 15 of 19 lymph nodes that were involved (all on the right side) and there was no spreading to the lymph nodes near any of the major organs.  My Chest X-ray last week was clear.

So, next steps.

Next Thursday, I have a full body CT scan.  This will tell them if I am in remission or not, and if not, it will allow them to target the radiation to the areas that need it most.  I meet my Radiation Oncologist next week – Dr. Navesh Sharma.  He is going to explain to me my sandwich therapy.  I will do three cycles of chemo, 1 of radiation, and then three more chemo.  Provided I am in remission next week, I will be good to go on treatment, aside from some follow up appointments as necessary.

My goal is to get to remission, and stay there.

They did explain, the chemo is the kind that both will make me throw up, and make me lose my hair.  In prep, I will cut my hair tomorrow into a pixie cut.  I have purchased a fabulous fedora, and will get some scarves.  I have also been promised excellent anti-nauseau meds.  Yay.

And, I might add, I’m scared shitless.  But that probably goes without saying.

Anyway, that’s the plan.

My mother says I’m brave.  Hopefully soon, I’ll believe her.


One thought on “The Plan

  1. I’ve been really surprised by chemo – feeling quite good throughout! The meds they give with it should stamp out all nausea. There are solutions to every side effect you may have, so don’t suffer in silence!
    I must be a bit crazy, but I’m actually enjoying the baldness, too! I’m experimenting with lots of big earrings and head wraps. I would still have been hiding under my boring old bob, but I’ve discovered a whole new me under there!

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