Cancer Diagnosis

So, surgery was scheduled at 11:45 on Wednesday morning.  They called and told us to be there by 10:15, but then they called back and told us to get there earlier, so we ended up getting there at 9.  They actually took us right back.  I was placed into the presurgery room, given a gown, my eleventybillionth pregnancy test, and they started a line.  Then they brought back my husband, mom and sister.

A doctor came over from the cancer center and asked if I’d participate in a blind study.  I agreed.  They would take two vials of blood and some tissue samples while I was out.  No problem.

Then Dr. Rao came in.  He hugged me, asked me how I felt, and told me that he was there to take care of this.  Somehow I was put at easy when he came in.  He is really a great doctor.

Next came in anesthesia (my god they were 12), the surgical nurses, and the resident who works with Dr. Rao.  I believe it is a condition of the University of Maryland to be totally hot to work there because they were all gorgeous.  Finally, it was time to take me back.   I remember kissing my mom, sister and husband goodbye, and then they wheeled me down the hallway to the operating room.  They moved me over to the operating table, strapped me down, and that was all she wrote.

When I woke up in PACU, I had a catheter and a bunch of monitors.  I had an 8” incision.  Other than that, I was fairly comfortable.  They finally brought my family down about 6pm.  I had not seen my doctor yet.  My husband looked at me, and started to cry, and that’s when I knew.  It was cancer.  It was worse than what they anticipated.  And my husband was crying.  He never cries.  Ever.

I wanted Bob to spend the night with me, but he couldn’t because they didn’t have a room.  They didn’t move me into a room until 2am.  And like clockwork, they moved me in with an 82 year pain in the ass.  Everything she’d hear them ask me something, she whined, moaned, etc to get attention.  It was ok at first, but after two days I wanted to KILL her.

The residents came in to talk to me the next morning, and they told me what they had found.  My uterus was full of cancer.  My surrounding organs were fine, but the lymph nodes on my right were cancerous.  Those on my left and those leading to major organs were ok.  This means (probably) stage 3.  I cried again.

Dr. Rao finally came to talk to me about all of it.  He said he didn’t want to tell me initially because I’d been through enough (I guess I had).  But he’s going to take “care of me.”  And I believe him.  He is a wonderful oncologist.

They finally released me yesterday.  I had some issues with pain, but if I stay on schedule with my pain pills it is not so bad.  I’m napping, a lot.  And Bob really is the best.  His hugs have never felt so good.  He just keeps looking at me and telling me how very much he loves me.

Funny thing – my night caregiver at the hospital was wonderful.  She couldn’t administer meds, but she made sure I had what I needed, let me cry when I needed, helped me to the bathroom, whatever.  We got to chatting at one point and she asked me where I worked.  When I told her, she said, “Oh, my sister in law works there.”  I said, “Really?  What’s her name?”  Turns out, her sister-in-law is my VP.  I knew there was a reason I loved her.  I’m totally sending her a thank you note.

Keep the prayers coming.  Love you guys.  This is a bump in the road.  I’m going to fight the hell out of this.


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