Let the Countdown Begin

I finished up my last day at work today.  Tomorrow, I begin my “clean out” prep at 8am.  I’ll be signed on to work, but only to say I “worked” the day.  I take my first dose of magnesium citrate at 8am, and the 2nd at noon.  From here on out, nothing but clear liquids, and then nothing by mouth (except my protonix and metoprolol with a small sip of water Wednesday am).

Still haven’t heard what time surgery is – they are going to make that call tomorrow.

Haven’t heard yet from the anesthesiologist either.

Funny thing – I’m more worried about who will come walk Mia on Wednesday – I don’t want her to get away from our dog walker – than I am about anything else.

At least that is what I keep telling myself.

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