It’s amazing how much major surgery will instill the instinct to make a woman nest.  I have been so busy knocking stuff off my to-do list the past week, and someone on Hystersisters referred to it as nesting.  It was like a light went on in my head.  That’s exactly what I am doing.

So, I finished up all my school work.  All I have left to do now is wait for the grade.  She’s graded everything but my final.  I’m still on pins and needles.

At work, I’ve finished just about everything except for issuing a few reports that I’m waiting for final approval on.  Once that is done, and I have a meeting tomorrow with my co-workers, all I will have to do is sign on to answer emails and IMs on Tuesday.

Home – yesterday I took the day off, and we went up to my Mom’s.  She was VERY generous.  She took me to BJs and I now have a fridge and freezer stocked with easy meals that Bob can prepare while I’m recouperating.  Lasagna, chicken breasts, meatballs, and mac & cheese.  She also took us out to lunch which was really nice.  And good.  Shrimp and crawfish quesadillas.  NOM.

Today, I’ve done five loads of laundry and I’m taking a quick break from cleaning.  I have cleaned the bathroom and kitchen.   I have nearly done the spare room (which is also our office).  I have our bedroom, and the living/dining room left to do.  Then I need to get a shower.

I’m about packed.  I need to charge my kindle, and add a few songs to my ipod and make sure it is charged up.  I’ve put clean sheets on our bed and a new bedspread (new to the bed, not new to us).  And then all I have to do is wait.

I should find out on Tuesday what time my surgery is.

I thought this past two weeks would take forever.  In a way they have.  But they have also flown by.  I’m ready to get this over with already.

The big waiting will be while I’m waiting for the pathology report.  Cancer?  Not cancer?  How much and how far spread.

I’m trying not to think about that part.


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