Pre-Op Appointment and Mini-Meltdown #2

Yesterday afternoon, I had my pre-op appointment at the hospital.  It was interesting, to say the least, and unfortunately, a bit frustrating.

You see, the pre-op department is NOT the same doctor who will be doing your surgery, and not the save doctor you’ve been seeing.  So, for what seemed the bazillionth time, I had to write down my entire medical history (sigh – that alone can take an hour) and then, I had to tell them in the exam room the same thing I had JUST written down.

I had to take the 40th pregnancy test I’ve taken in the past three weeks.  Believe me y’all – that gets old.  And I completely understand WHY, but really?  That’s hard on someone who is about to have a hysterectomy.  Especially the “Well, good news!  You aren’t pregnant.”  Um, yeah.  First of all – I have my period.  And 2nd, well, you have to have SEX to get pregnant – and let’s just say that isn’t exactly at the TOP of my to do list…knowwhatImean?

More blood work.  My third EKG in less than a month (your cardiologist is hard to get a hold of, so let’s just do another one).  What medications are you on again?  When did you have your gastric bypass?  What’s the square root for 4,798,524?  (Ok, I may have exaggerated on that last one).

And work – OY VEY with work.  They are driving me nuts.  We need to have a meeting to find out when you are going to be able to get this done.  Um, well, I could have GOTTEN it done in the time it took us to have a meeting.  Really? Ok, let’s meet about that too.

These people are driving me crazy.  And honestly, none of them have asked me how I’m actually doing – just, “What’s your back up plan for when you are out?”  Well, to be honest, once I go out, I don’t really give a horse’s hairy ass who does it.  I’ll be HAVING MAJOR SURGERY.

Plus I had to dig up all the will stuff, and living will stuff, and that freaked my husband out a little bit.  So now I have to go into reassurance mode with him, when quite honestly, I’m the one that could use a little reassuring right now.

And tylenol.  Because I have a wickedheadache, y’all.

(Speaking of, Wicked is going to be at the Hippodrome in November – I should buy tickets, yes?)

One. More. Week.

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