Getting Stuff Done

I’m crossing one big old item off my pre-surgery to-do list.  My final is done and uploaded to Webtycho for grading.  If I did my calculations right (and if I got anything higher than a 90 on my last homework) I only have to get an 80 on my final to keep my A in the class.  I’m so anal about my grades – this time around it’s 4.0 all the way baby.  Plus, if I get less than a B, I don’t get anything back for tuition reimbursement.

We had until this Friday (the 17th) to turn in  the final, so now I don’t have to fret this week.  And I’ve listed the book on for about $70, so that will be nice when it sells.

I’m slowly getting stuff done that “needs to be done” before I go into the hospital.  The next big thing on my to-do list (besides the stuff I have to get done at work) is my pre-op appointment (tomorrow afternoon) and then cleaning my house.  I think I also want to pull the weeds out front.  But that’s not happening today.

Today, I relax.  I am going to plug away at my knitting project and relax the rest of the day.  No more statistics!


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