Research and Preparation

I’ve been researching what I should pack for my hospital stay today and found this post.  It is made of 1,000 types of win.  Very informative.

I mean, I’ve had enough hospital stays recently to know about what I need and don’t need to bring, but it mentions taking a notebook so you can jot stuff down, and I think that is an excellent idea.

Other things I’ve done today:

Bought all new underwear.  As soon as I’m home, I throwing out all my period pants.  Come on Ladies – you know the ones I speak of – the nasty, gnarly, hole-y stained underwear you save for “that time of the month.”  I won’t be having that anymore after surgery.  And, for the first time since I was like 6, I bought myself white underwear.  Always a no-no for me because my period has been known to start any time any where.  Not any more!

I also bought a very loose fitting nightshirt to wear when I get home – I will stick to the hospital gowns while I’m there.  I got myself a new robe, and a new pillow.  And new sheets.  I’m coming home to nice new sheets.  Which I’ll use as soon as I can lay down in my bed again.  Because abdominal surgery sucks.  And I’ll be reclining it for the first few nights home.

In other preparation news, my body is preparing itself as well.  I got my period last week.  Already we are on day 7.  That is one of the many joys of my condition – long, heavy periods.  I mean heavy.  UGH.  I won’t be sorry to see those bad boys head out.  See ya Aunt Flo – you evil beyotch.

I also stocked our pantry with easy stuff my honey can cook while I’m laid up.  I can direct him to put things in the crock pot, and that should go easy.  I don’t imagine I’ll feel much like eating those first few days. 

I’m glad I bought the Black Cohosh on the interwebs.  I looked in three different places today and couldn’t find it anywhere except GNC and there it was priced at $ZOING.  It’s supposed to be very helpful with the menopause symptoms in the initial stages.  I’m figuring it is worth a shot.

The last big thing (besides work stuff) that I really need to get done is my final for my stats class.  I guess I should get myself off and start that right now.

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