Some women nest when they are pregnant.  I do it when I’m about to have surgery.

I have this routine I go through whenever I’m about to have surgery.  Come to think of it, routine is not a word that should go with surgery, as they shouldn’t be a regular thing.  But I’ve had five surgeries in the past 10 years – this will be my 11th.  I’ve had two heart caths, two knee surgeries, and a gastric bypass.  All since 2003.  So, technically not even 10 years.  And if you throw in two colonoscopies, it takes it to a total of 13 procedures.  (Note to self, I need to schedule my next colonoscopy for next year.)

But, the past three surgeries (this one included) I’ve determined that I have a routine I go through before hand in getting my household ready for my husband and myself on limited action.  It wasn’t so bad after the bypass surgery.  I was really only down for about a week after that one, and the first three days of that I spent at my Mom’s.  In fact, I was home from the hospital in less than 24 hours, was at my mom’s for three days, and then home.  I was up and about after that, and I had already prepared for the fact that I wouldn’t be able to eat solid food for weeks, so my husband was pretty well on his own.

The last knee surgery, and this upcoming surgery are different.  I knew last year that after my de Novo grapht implant, I’d be out of commission for at least 8 weeks.  Non-weight bearing.  Yeah.  I HATED being in that immobilizer for 8 weeks.  But I knew ahead of time, and I cleaned the hell out of my house, and made a bunch casseroles that I Bob could easily throw in the micro or the toaster oven.  I shopped ahead of time and stocked up.  And honestly, aside from really hurting a lot, I could still get around on my crutches pretty well after the first full week. 

This hysterectomy surgery has been the same.  I’m making lists left and right.  I need to do this, that, these, those and the other things.  I have to finish my final, get my house in order, get work in order, etc., ad nauseum.  Today I will balance the checkbook and pay bills, fill any prescriptions that need to be filled, stock up on black cohosh (that will be another post), get my prep stuff for the day before, get my insurance stuff in order, get my med list together, get some things to occupy me on recovery (note to self, buy new pillows and pjs), and arrange to have some food in the house and pre-prepared meals at the ready for post op.

I’ve already started downloading new stuff to my Kindle (which I will be taking to the hospital).  I’ve got a bunch of knitting projects (yarn, needles, pattern, and notions at the ready) in individual bags within my knitting bag to occupy myself.  I’ve downloaded some new stuff to my iPod.  I’ve got a few actual books to read (you know, real books, on paper!), and I’ve planned to take off next Friday to clean and finish up my stats final if I need to.

Plus there is everything I have to do at work, that I am slowly working through.

I’ve always been this way – so organized it is disgusting.  I come by it naturally.  My mom is a list maker too.  You should see her house before a holiday or family event – lists everywhere.  I always tease her, but then I go home and I’ve done the same thing.  I keep an ever revolving grocery list on the fridge (if I don’t, Bob inevitably forgets to tell me about something and then gets sad puppy face if I forget it at the store).  I have my to-do list at work.  I have my school lists.  I have a calendar in every room and carry a planner with me (my phone will not do – I have to be able to pick it up and manipulate it).

I’m slowly getting there.  All this nesting helps me to prepare mentally.


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