Welcome to the Meltdown

So, I let things get to me too much today.

I’m trying to get a bazillion things done at work before I go out, and I have some major reports that are undergoing an editing process, and my old supervisor was really pushing me today.  He didn’t give me five seconds to process something before he’d bring something else up.  Finally, after going back and forth with him about 50 times (and involving another director), I was on the phone with him, and he just kept on pushing and pushing until I finally broke down in tears, told him I couldn’t deal with him anymore, and hung up on him.

I’m sure that will look great on my year end.  Luckily he’s not my supervisor any more, and I did apologize and tell him I was dealing with a lot and he needed to give me some space to process one thing before hitting me with another.

Thankfully, the director who got involved really felt for me, and came to check on me later.

I think everything is just coming to a head.  Not enough time to get everything done, and yet too much time to think about everything that is going on.  And it doesn’t help that I have my (hopefully last) period right now.

I essentially have about 7 full working days to get done everything I usually have a month to do at work.  On top of that, I have my final due in my stats class.  And oh yeah, I have cancer.  That throws a real “fuck you” into your plans.

Less than two weeks until surgery.

Less than two weeks.

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