I Have A Date

Funny how it isn’t nearly as exciting as it was when I got the date for my gastric bypass surgery.  I was all excited about that one.

So anyway, I’m scheduled for surgery on August 22nd.  I have so much to do between now and then.

This week – I’m taking tomorrow off to go see my new grand baby – who is not here yet, then Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – work.

Next Monday, I have my pre-op appointment at 1:15.  I’ll work in the am.  I’m taking that Friday off to finish my final which will also be due that Friday.  At some point, I have to clean my nasty house, and get my roots done.

Monday, August 20th – working.

Tuesday, August 21st – working, but from home.  I have to have the “cleansing prep.”  My mom will be coming down to spend the night.

Wednesday, August 22nd – surgery.

So, at least I have a date.


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