How It All Began

In June of 2011, I began experiencing debilitating back pain which radiated down into my left hip.  At the time, the pain was associated with the fact that I had arthritis in my right knee which required a de novo grapht implant.  I received the knee surgery in July of 2012, and while my knee healed very well, the back pain did not go away. 

I had a lot of experience with cancer symtoms – my father had colon cancer which presented with hip pain.  My oldest sister passed away in 1999 of ovarian cancer, which also presented with hip pain.  So I bugged my primary care physician.

In April of 2012, I was referred to a rhematologist to get to the cause of my pain.  I was sent for an MRI of my lower spinal area.  The MRI results showed a cyst on my left ovary.  In addition, my bloodwork showed I was anemic.  The anemia was linked to a gastric bypass surgery I had in 2009, but to be on the safe side, I was referred to my gynecologist.

In May of 2012, my gynecologist referred me for a transvaginal ultrasound.  The good news was that the ultrasound showed the cyst on my ovary was a functional cyst which had gone away on its own.  The bad news was that in addition to a number of fibroid tumors in my uterus, there was an area of thickening which caused some concern.  As well, a paraguard IUD which I had was starting to make its own way out, so that was removed. 

My gynecologist was concerned about the thickening in my uterus, and sent me back for a 2nd transvaginal ultrasound.  The 2nd ultrasound continued to show the thickening, even after my menstrual cycle.

In July of 2012, I came down with symptoms of a virus – joint aches, fatigue, and water retention.  I was out of action for nearly a month. During that time, my gynecologist, who was still concerned with my uterus, sent me for a pelvic MRI.

The same day I had the MRI, I received a call from my gynocologist.  He said that the thickness showed tendencies of a lesion and I had some swollen lymph nodes in my pelvic area.  I was referred immediately to a gynecological oncologist at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Three days later I was in for an endometrial biopsy.  One week later, the test results show that the thickening is precancerous, boarding on an endometrial adenocarcinoma.  In laymen’s terms, endometrial cancer.

So now, at 39 years old, I am facing cancer and a complete hysterectomy in the next two weeks.  I needed a place to document my story, and noticed that I could not find many blogs (or any blogs) of women who had gone through the same thing. 

So this is my story.  I want this blog to be a place where others can see what it’s really like to be diagnosed with endometrial cancer and it’s aftermath.  I want to be able to vent, share some humor, and educate.


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